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Micks Carpet Cleaning gives you the perfect carpet cleaning Toowong service that you are looking for. We provide carpet cleaning with the professional art of work. Our exclusive carpet cleaning services will be performed under the supervision of a professional. We provide our service with a very cost-effective range of prices.

With excellent local carpet cleaners within our team, we have consistently outperformed the whole of our competitors. Our team’s reputation and success are due to the genuine and certified professionals we have on board. In a bid to remain on top of this, we provide specialized training and ensure that our team is well-versed in cutting-edge technologies. You can completely trust our certified, qualified and experienced team for the form of work they are going to perform for your needs.

For any queries or any other information related to the carpet cleaning sessions in Toowong, just connect with us.

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    Our Premium Carpet Cleaning Services In Toowong

    Our team excels with all of these services. The following are our premium carpet cleaning Toowong services.

    Carpet Steam Cleaning

    Carpet cleaning with steam vapour is advised for a certain type of carpet cleaning. This type of cleaning is very helpful in removing the stubborn mould and stains present in deeper layers of carpets.

    Residential Carpet Cleaning

    This will be taken up by our home carpet cleaners. Your home can require steam and dry cleaning service according to your carpet’s materials. Our services are orally customizable accordingly.

    Commercial & Office Carpet Cleaning

    Commercial spots like offices and hotels need to be kept super clean always. Due to the accumulation of dust and dirt inside layers of the carpet, you need deep cleaning by professionals like us. We help you in making your commercial space look aesthetic.

    Bonded Carpet Cleaning

    Once your lease is getting completed you will need to get our end-of-lease carpet cleaning service with our professionals. Our local carpet cleaners are home carpet cleaners and commercial cleaning teams too. You get the whole package that you will need for your leased home and your workspace as well.

    Pet Stain & Odour Removal

    Houses with pets and kids always have a chance for accidents on carpets. So our services will help you in making your carpet look new and refreshed by removing the deep layers of stains and odour with advanced techniques.

    Fabric & Scotchgard Protection

    This will help you with preventing the accumulation of dust and grit and eventually stain forming. We always strive to give the best quality service to our clients. We give our professional services at a very cost-effective range so that every individual can afford them.

    Truck-Mount Carpet Cleaning

    Our team for carpet cleaning Toowong service can come with a truck-mount carpet cleaning system. For any carpet cleaning service you need, you can get benefitted from our professional team coming with a truck-mount carpet cleaning system.

    Why Do People Choose Our Company Over All Others In Toowong?

    We always stick to the fact of providing proper and quality professional carpet cleaning services. Our affordable carpet cleaning will fulfil all your needs. The following are our company’s features one should get to know.

    • Award-Winning Service: Our team gives the best of their work to get customer satisfaction.
    • No Extra Fee: We charge no extra costs for the work we carry out.
    • Skills & Certification: Our team is fully certified and qualified for the services they are performing.
    • 5-star Rating: Our team is always given a 5-star rating and most of our clients
      have praised us for our services.
    • Highly Experienced: We have got a team full of experts, who are with years of experience in this field. We know every level of the work that we are doing.
    • Environmentally Friendly Services: The methods and products we use for carpet cleaning are eco-friendly. They cause no harm to the environment.
    Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


    Quite a satisfactory service

    Service was quite satisfactory. Will recommend it to my family members and friends as well. Logan.

    01 Sep 2023

    Extremely happy with the service

    The service was very handy. Needed an emergency service at the last minute. Down everything very professionally even after taking a last-minute service option. Ezra.

    05 Sep 2023

    Timely service

    Service was done within time and the team approached within very less time after I booked the appointment. Stella.

    07 Sep 2023

    Find Your Carpet Cleanes Here For Services In Toowong

    If you are someone looking for the best services for professional carpet cleaning in Toowong, our company is here to serve you the same. Great quality of services which offers great outcomes, is what you can expect from us. Our team is highly experienced when it comes to dealing with grimy carpets. Upon performing the most effective cleaning techniques, we will be able to provide you with squeaky clean carpets. Since our team is easily accessible, people often tend to choose our services. So, if you are someone residing in Toowong, you can make a call to us to book your carpet cleaners.


    Of course, it is necessary as DIY cleaning cannot remove deep accumulated dust and grit present inside the carpet layers. The professionals have a customised service to make your carpet look neat and refreshed, which is also free from microorganisms.

    It is as simple as you call for our customer assistance help and booking an appointment by mentioning your location and the service required and will be checking for accessibility and a team will be at your doorstep within less time possible.

    It totally depends on the house environment and the surroundings where you stay. If you have kids and pets it is necessary to take a carpet cleaning service every 6 to 8 months. You must assess your carpets to find out if they require professional cleaning.

    Yes, we do carpet mould removal. We have a lot more cleaning services so our customers do not have to go to another company.

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